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We provide ship agency services for wide range of vessels at the port of Male', Maldives. Our clients range from small cruising tourist yachts to Mega Cruise liners. While in the hands of our professional and experienced team your vessels is safe and serviced on time at the most economical rates. We strive for quality and promptness in catering the needs of our clients. Our success is measured on the clients' satisfaction.


We provide an unparalleled service in yacht chartering and management. Our rich formula helps the clientele to choose the ideal product for the best value that meets their requirements. Our team will guide you through the process and make arrangements for prior visit or inspections, if necessary, to make sure you experience the most unforgettable ride across the beautiful blue oceans of the Maldives under the smiling sun. Since Maldives has become world's one of the best holiday destinations the number of yachts calling Maldives has been increasing every year. Due to the fact, The Government of Maldives is constructing a mega Yacht marina at Hulhumale' supporting 300 yachts which is due to open in 2018.

The Yacht Marina is a splendid coastal island developed in the western side of Hulhumalé catering to the needs of yachts and safaris. With more than 80% of all safaris operated in the Maldives anchored in the lagoon area to the West of Hulhumalé, the proposed Marina will be a vital facility for the Maldivian tourism industry. Apart from water sports facilities, the marina will have amenities such as retail shops, F&B outlets, a yacht club that includes exhibition space, dry berth facilities and boating dock. There will also be a modern, fully equipped cruise terminal located right next to the marina with an automatic, covered boarding bridge to facilitate cruise lines visiting Maldives.

Our mission is to offer a high quality and prompt service to our clients. Services we provide:
• Assist booking of private yacht for Hire
• Guidance and assistance for pre inspection
• Inward and outward clearance
• Concierge Service
• Visa Extention and sponsorship
• Arranging Harbour & Cruising permit
• Charter licenses
• Arranging Dive instructors and Dive gears
• Arranging Provision and Beverage
• Laundry services
• Cleaning Services
• Decoration Services and Floral arrangements
• Arranging ship store/ Spare parts
• Arranging Speed boat transport
• Arranging Se-plane transfer
• Making Reservation and ticketing
• Crew/Passenger Hotel and Resorts transfers arrangements
• Crew/Passenger Money Transfer
• Booking private islands
• Private Flight handling and Parking
• Arranging Leisure activities excursions, island hopping, diving, fishing
• 24 hours Medical Emergency Support Service
• Escort services
• Propane/Butane/Medical oxygen refills
• Security Guards and Equipments
• Arranging Day Workers
• Providing Technical Support
• Bunkering
• Cruising Permits for tourism zone including major ports
• Guide support Travelling, shopping, dive, fishing etc
• Crew sign in/out
• Crew and passenger air reservation
• Full diving equipment and compressor technical services and courses
• Photo flights charter
• Ship store items clearing and delivery
• Crew/Passengers receiving and handling at airport
• Full Office facilities
Through bunkering we provide you the best quality fuel and lubricants whenever you need it and help you in making your fuel requirements easy and efficient. We also supply Hygienic Fresh water. We also provide off shore bunkering to anywhere in the high seas.

Following are namely few of our Emergency support services;
• Emergency bunkering, Fuel, Water
• Medical Ambulance services
• Helicopter services
• Search and Rescue operations
• Satellite communication and Radar locating services
• Towage and Barge operation
The Emergency services are provided with the help of Maldives coast guard and Private Hospitals depending on the level of distress
We will help you to get the best rate for a private seaplane for your visit to the Maldives be it a personal trip, business trip or a trip with family and friends or a photo flight. We will assure you that the trip will be hassle free and will meet all your requirements.
We provide ship agency services for wide range of vessel calling the port of Male', Maldives. Our clients range from small cruising tourist yachts to Mega Cruise liners. While in the hands of our professional and experienced team your vessels is safe and serviced on time for the most economical rates. We strive for quality and promptness in catering the needs of the needs of our clients. We handle cruise liners, general & bulk cargo ships, container ships, oil/gas tankers, Ferries, Navy Ships, Yachts ranging from small to Super size, salvage vessels and research/survey ships.

Following are the services we provide;
• Inward and outward clearance
• Permits to travel inside Maldives atolls
• Permits for Cargo loading/unloading
• Ship to ship transfer
• Supply of Safety and Security services/Products
• Repair services
• Bunkering
• Supply provision/Fresh water
• Sea and air freight cargo/Spare clearance and delivery
• Crew/Passenger sign on & sign off
• Crew/Passenger Hotel/Resort Accomodation • Crew/Passenger Travel arrangements
• Cargo shipping by sea/Air
• Visa extension
• Medical assistance
• Technical support
• Ship Chartering
• Internet and communication services
• Courier service
• Maritime Services/Products supply
• Arm Guards Embark and Dis-embark Service
• Weapons And Equipment storage Service
• Weapons and Equipment Transport Service
We handle cargo shipments from Maldives to any destination regardless of size or nature of the cargo. Through our logistic division we make sure your sea or air shipments are delivered to the final destination safely on time. We also handle shipments that comes to Maldives and organize distribution locally.

Our logistic division offers the following services;
• Prior shipment booking
• Documents processing, import/export
• Cargo processing/Packaging/Labelling
• Cargo Insurance through authorized agents
• Shipment monitoring
• Timely status updating
• Warehousing and storage
• Cold storage service
• Delivery/Distribution
• Posting
• Claims for cargo damage, loss etc

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